How can you listen to, understand and involve your customer more?

Let's face it. We have better relationships with people who have our genuine attention. So how much attention are you REALLY giving your customer?

Are you giving them 100% of your attention? What would happen if you did? How much would you start understanding them? How best to solve their problems, getting them to their outcomes faster and easier?

Sell more!

Retain more!

Grow faster!

With growth firmly in focus, let's find out how much attention your customers are currently receiving, and how to give them more.


NZ$500* (Nope, there's no charge...)

If you can spare 30 minutes to explore your results with Half Time Orange, we will walk you through your personalised insight-rich report. Helping you identify the 2 or 3 opportunities that will have the biggest impact on your customer's relationship with you.

If you'd rather just complete the survey, there's still no charge

*Reports are usually NZ$350 if your schedule is too busy to meet, and you'd like to get this valuable report, to go.

From the work we have done I have been blown away by the repeat business and new revenue streams that have opened. Amazing what happens when you can look through the customer’s lens.

The team at Half Time Orange exceeded all my expectations.

Julia Hickton-Scott

What's involved?

Answer the ten minute survey

We analyse your responses

We email you so we can connect on a call

Brenton Webber - Half Time Orange

Meet Brenton

Brenton Webber is the Founder of Half Time Orange.

Customer Experience (CX) Advocate | New Zealand's First Accredited Customer Experience Specialist (ACXS) | Founder of Half Time Orange | Changemaker, Music Maker & Podcaster

"The knowledge of business principles shown by Brenton Webber demonstrates skill and proficiency beyond his years. I was honored to appear as Brenton’s guest on the podcast show for his company, Half Time Orange. He expertly guided the conversation, made me feel welcome, and brought a great synergy to the table as we talked about customer experience, the importance of actionable data, and other related topics. If you need expertise in practical customer experience strategies, you can’t go wrong with Brenton Webber." - Joseph Perez ("Dr. Joe")

Darlington Makovere

And Darlington

Darlington Makovere is our Ambassador to Africa and Europe.

Darlington is also CEO of Student Accommodation startup, Kwilo.

Incredibly passionate about Customer Experience, he "loves helping companies shift their systems and processes to create an environment where customer outcomes are met."


What will this survey achieve?

You'll understand how you can reap the rewards that come to those who genuinely pay attention to their clients and customers.

What will I need to complete this survey?

We suggest you complete the short simple survey over your morning coffee. All you need to bring is your device and your grey matter.

Am I obligated in any way to do anything else?

Absolutely not, and you'll gain significant value just thinking about the 9 simple questions.

Are you sure there are no hidden charges?

The only charge will be for anyone wanting the full report from Half Time Orange without the accompanying meeting. This meeting would allow us to explore the report's findings in depth, but you are not obligated to pay for anything or meet with us.


Learn how you can amplify growth by loving your customer more

A 5 minute survey and a 30 minute conversation with Brenton.

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